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J Skis The Metal
с креплениями Attack 13 под колодку 317.
Отличные фрирайдные (и не только) лыжи твин-тип, ростовка 180. Прокатился всего раз 6 - лыжи и крепы практически новые. Лыжи заказывал в США у производителя (в рознице не продаются).
Стоимость 40 тыс. руб (-26% от стоимости нового оборудования)
Звоните, если что, +7 903 7553018

вот стоит обратить внимание на подробное описание (на английском только) о характере и поведении лыж:
Usage Class:

Freeride with soft snow bias

Rating (with comments):
(1="get me off these things"->10="I have to own a pair")

6 for boilerplate due to rockered tip and tail feel, soft flex
8 for packed powder groomers...most speeds up below warp nine.
9 for mixed conditions...loose and playful feel, not a crud-busting dozer
Powder conditions unavailable for testing by press time


The Metal is not just a fatter version of the Masterblaster, but a completely different animal which behaves a bit different than J's description (not just in our opinion, but some other ski review sources as well). We found The Metal is a balanced, playful, fun-loving twin tip given a more calm, settled feel than a similar designs without the Titanal strip down the middle of the core. The relatively soft, rockered tip and tail make The Metal easy to slarve into turns and happy to soak up terrain features, while a somewhat firmer midsection gives you the ability to carve it into packed surfaces if you get it up on edge and set it into the snow. The shorter effective edge feel makes The Metal behave like a shorter ski, so ordering a size larger than you normally would makes a lot of sense. The Metal is more playful and loose than strong and solid like more mainstream hard-charging, big mountain skis, but its fun factor is very high and its quiet behavior makes it suitable to cruise at most speeds below warp nine unless there are chunky debris fields under the surface which can get The Metal to get deflected a little on its trajectory. Surfy mischief is The Metal’s forte, and any park + pipe addict looking to venture out into non-park terrain anywhere on or off-piste will find this 106mm-waisted ski a great tool, especially when there is fresh snow to play with. It's super agile and changes direction with centered pivots, smears or edged carves on demand, which will make it a fun ride in the trees when it's a powder day. High speed boilerplate or hardpack arcs reveal The Metal can break loose at the front or rear if you're not centered on the midsection and get your turn shape pressured incorrectly along the trajectory, but it's easy handling makes it easy enough to quickly correct the error and get back on-track. This is a surfy cruiser, not a GS or big-mountain charging tool, but its super easy and super fun.

Technical Ski Data:

Titanal Metal Laminate
Maple Wood Core
Full Height Sidewalls
Sintered Base
Rubber Laminate
Quasi Isotropic Fiberglass
High Definition Digital Printing
Weight (measured) 2098 grams, 2167grams

Pre-Skiing Impression:

Good fit and finish, Subdued, stealthy GTO limited edition black graphic (all JSkis graphics are limited edition...it's part of the marketing effort to generate some sparcity of different editions and always bringing something new and fresh to market on a frequent basis...Wink. Softer tips and tails and a fairly stout, straightened midsection. (Some people call this a hinged flex when observed from the side under pressure). Nice peek-a-boo see-through topsheet reveals the wood core and metal layer on top of the wood so you can see what’s inside.

Test Conditions:

Eastern corduroy, man-made dry packed powder, shallow powder (6 inches max), Spring-like corn and refrozen man-made hardpack boilerplate in places.

Hardpack and Boilerplate:

The Metal can be secure on hardpack, but prefers to be in snow rather than on snow. We might describe The Metal as being more happy on Western packed surfaces than Eastern...essentially if the surface is quiet underfoot, The Metal is a decent gripper. If it's a classic Eastern boilerplate surface that makes a lot of noise as you cut across it, the Metal has grip underfoot when tipped on-edge and pressured deliberately, but can break loose at the tip or tail if you get yourself off-center and put too much faith in the tip or tail. It's not slippery, but behaves like a rockered twin tip designed for surfy fun, not etching GS-trenches across bowling-alley surfaces. Vibration control is pretty good, canceling out buzz and annoying action underfoot. If you want a grip underfoot, a quick stomp gets the stronger midbody to bite and change direction without protest, so you always have bite if you want it.

Mixed Conditions:

The Metal is a carnival funhouse in mixed surface types, especially cut-up fresh snow, spring-like corny conditions and bumpy terrain, letting its compliant tip draw the body of the ski into the stronger midsection where you can set your direction across your arc and finish off the easy-to-ride tail with little or no effort. You can drive or ride The Metal through mixed surfaces as you like, and not burn all your calories in the process, which makes it a fun ski. Jason has designed this ski to pop in and out of terrain with a surfy, easy feel, yet deliver a stable platform underfoot when pressured through variable surface types. The soft tip can get knocked around a little if the surface is chunky or hidden garbage under the surface deflects the forebody, but its compliant nature means you can bring it back into line with a quick correction and not feel like you've been dragged off your line by some force of evil with no mercy. The softer the snow or deeper the surface depth, the more The Metal shines. It loves to be in snow rather than on snow. The fun factor of The Metal in mixed terrain is a big feature. The only reservation is the slightly unsettled feeling or flap when you get up to ticket-pulling speeds through chop, but this is somewhat normal with soft twin tips more focused on delivering fun than speed records through crusty crud and junkyard snowfields.

Bumps and Powder:

We didn't get a chance to take The Metals into serious bumps since it was too early in the season to find snow deep enough to support big bump formation, but we did get into bumps a little less than knee-high, both tightly spaced and widely spaced, and these skis absorbed the bumps really well with a smooth, gradual feel and excellent pop underfoot when you pressed into the trough and rebounded over the bumps, or pounded the faces with the midbody. The nicely tapered design of the tip and tail eliminated any hooking or hangups. The Metals can flow through bumps like water and have the agility to change direction at any time in undulating terrain. You won’t fight The Metals in bumps, you ride them.

Analogies: ("This ski is like...")

A loose, fun, nearly goofy big dog with the ability to track like a hound on edge if it finds the scent it wants
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